3 Effective Ways To Improve Business Online Presence In 2021

The digital revolution had a massive impact on the economy, science, education, health, and lifestyles. 

For this reason, all businesses must be online (because most people rely on the Internet to look for the products and services they need). 

Therefore, companies that cannot keep up with the new business trends are likely to fall behind and disappear. 

Getting a business online reaps a myriad of benefits, such as:

  • Accessing a broader range of target audience (including the global audience)
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Building reputation, trust and credibility
  • Increasing efficiency and reducing costs (building an online presence is wildly affordable)
  • Improving customer service and communication among customers, employees, and management
  • Gaining reviews and referrals
  • And much more (the benefits of having an online presence are endless!)

However, a solid online presence goes far beyond building a website that displays a company’s name, contact details, and a complete list of products or services delivered to customers. 

A rock-solid online presence means using as many communication channels as possible to keep customers engaged and convert leads into sales. 

3 Practical Ways To Grow Business Online Presence

  • Leveraging SEO to increase traffic and profits

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the most effective ways to improve online business presence. SEO is the process of improving website visibility in order to be easily discoverable by users searching for specific keywords. Businesses can earn a top spot in search results by producing new content regularly (e.g., product pages, blog posts, articles, guides, infographics, videos, etc.) and improving website usability (e.g., reducing page loading times, maintaining consistency across the website, focusing on readability, etc.). Improving website usability is essential for SEO as, most of the times, high bounce rates result from a poor user experience (UX) and usability.   

  • Claiming local business listings

Creating and maintaining up to date business listings across the web (on review platforms and search engines) is a crucial strategy to improve online business presence. However, many online businesses cannot enjoy the fantastic benefits of local business listings as they do not use a brick-and-mortar office. This situation occurs because most review platforms and search engines like Google require businesses to have a physical address – and claiming local business listings with a home address would be unprofessional and risky. Nevertheless, the digital world provides opportunities for remote businesses to stand out from competitors. As a result, companies running without a brick-and-mortar office can claim local business listings using a professional business address included in a first-class virtual office (like the ones provided by B2B HQ). 

  • Building an organic social media presence

Business presence on social media is critical for every marketing strategy. Social media platforms play a crucial role in building a strong online presence as most global Internet users rely on social media to search for brands. Therefore, social media are an essential way to reach customers, gain valuable insights, and increase brand awareness. After creating an effective social media marketing strategy, businesses should keep their social media profiles up to date and post content regularly. They should also treat each social media channel uniquely according to its functionalities and features (for example, LinkedIn has a more business-oriented audience while Facebook is an excellent communication tool to engage an entire business community).     

Conclusion: In the modern business environment, a successful company needs to connect with consumers and increase online engagement.  

Every brand should have a solid online presence and rank highly within search results. Otherwise, consumers can easily question a businesses’ reliability and legitimacy.  

Thus, a company cannot survive in today’s market without establishing trust and building an impeccable reputation across the web. 

Images source: unsplash.com