Things You Didn’t Know About Canberra

Canberra is best known as the Australian Capital, a city that is best known for its beautiful scenery. However, there are so many things about Canberra that you may not know! In this blog post, we will discuss some of these lesser-known facts and show you what makes Canberra such a great place to visit.

Interesting Facts About Canberra

The name Canberra was based on their word kamberra.

There are many facts about Canberra that make it unique in the world. One of these facts is that “Canberra” means “meeting place” which has a special meaning to both Aboriginal and European cultures. The word comes from an Indigenous language group named Ngambri, which was once known as Ngunnawal and Y Ogham.

Canberra was the first planned city in Australia.

Canberra was also the first planned city in Australia, which means that it is laid out just as they had envisioned from beginning to end. Additionally, Canberra has a wide variety of different architectural styles throughout its many buildings, giving visitors an opportunity to view many examples over time. There are even some facts about Canberra that indicate the city was designed with beauty in mind.

Canberra is unique and enjoyable to live in.

Canberra has many facts about it which make living there unique and enjoyable, but also some facts that are a bit more on the interesting side. For instance, did you know nearly 30% of Australia’s population lives within three hours drive from Canberra? If visiting this fact is something that interests you, why not plan to visit Canberra and see it for yourself?

The best way to enjoy a place like Canberra is by spending plenty of time there experiencing everything the city has to offer. However, one thing everyone should experience while visiting this beautiful area in Australia is its stunning natural scenery which truly makes all other things possible!

You can go on a Hot Air Balloon ride.

2 people riding on boat on water during daytime

It’s one of the only places in Australia where you can go on a Hot Air Balloon ride visit the “bush capital,” and explore a place called the “pinnacle.” Canberra is the perfect place for tourists of all ages to visit. There are many fun activities available, including sporting events, shopping opportunities, and even a chance to see some of Australia’s most famous historical figures!

There are over 30 exceptional wineries in the city.

You’ll find over 30 exceptional wineries in the city’s outskirts, as well as an award-winning vineyard on a working farm within the city’s borders. There are also many opportunities to see some of Australia’s most amazing animals, from koalas and echidnas at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve to kangaroos in one of the city parks.

Canberra is a beautiful place that has many things to offer visitors. Come see why this city is so popular and one of the most beautiful places in Australia. If you’re looking for a coach, bus and minibus hire for the city of Canberra and surrounding areas, Canberra Bus Company is the key. They offer a wide range of vehicles includes 12, 33, 49 and 57 seat coaches and buses.